Impact of COVID-19 on Emergency Medicine & its Services in the UAE

Date: July 28, 2020 @ 19:00-20:30 (Time Zone: GMT+4, Abu Dhabi/Dubai/Muscat)
Presented by: Dr. Saleh Fares, Dr. Mahmoud Ghanaim, Dr. Essam Al Zarooni, Dr. Jacques Kobersy & Dr. Thiagarajan Jaiganesh
Moderated by: Prof. Abdullah Shehab

2020/07/28 19:00:00

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  • Prof. Abdullah Shehab

    Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
    NEJM Editor-in-Chief

  • Dr. Saleh Fares

    Consultant Emergency Medicine
    Zayed Military Hospital
    President of Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Mahmoud Ghanaim

    Head of Emergency Department
    Consultant Emergency Medicine, Dubai Hospital
    Vice President of Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Essam Al Zarooni

    Head of Emergency Department
    Consultant Emergency Medicine
    Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah

  • Dr. Jacques Kobersy

    Chair of Emergency Medicine Institute
    Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

  • Dr. Thiagarajan Jaiganesh

    Chair of Emergency Department
    Consultant Emergency Medicine
    Tawam Hospital

  • A brief description about the activities and workshops undertaken to help improve the skills and to educate the members within the society during the pandemic.
  • Provide a breakdown of the sub-specialties within the department and discuss the changes brought forward by the pandemic and the effect it has had on the day to day activities within the hospital.
  • Discuss unique cases and challenges that you may have dealt with during this period that were brought to the ER department.
  • Explore the effects of the dynamic shift caused by COVID-19 in networking, research, development, and discussions within the scientific community.

The highlight of the data will be considered for NEMJ publication

  • Emergency Physicians
  • Primary Care Physicians
  • EMT/Paramedics
  • Family Medicine Physicians
  • Internists
  • Emergency Nurses
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Interns, Residents & Medical Students

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