Contribute to NEMJ

  …your published papers, are a permanent record of your research and is your passport  to your community…


  • Authors manuscripts are key for the success of the NEMJ
  • Journal publishes a variety of papers at rapid peer-review process.
  • NEMJ is a complete open access journal


  • Print advertising in the conferences
  • Hosting training programs
  • Events and bespoke solutions
  • Encouraging campaigns to run special editions

Medical Societies

  • Encouraging papers from the Society members
  • Acting as a potential peer-reviewers
  • Bringing research collaboration and increasing the evidence-based practice in medicine.
  • Submitting the conference proceedings to NEMJ
  • Brining international experts in the field to write editorial support


  • Providing financial support to the NEMJ
  • Fund raising activities
  • Advertising conferences and meetings in the NEMJ website.
  • Encouraging pharmaceutical advertisements in publishing in the NEMJ